America Achieves

America Achieves Fellowship for Teachers & Principals

In 2012 the New Jersey Department of Education nominated me to the America Achieves Fellowship of Teachers & Principals, AAFTP. The group is a nonpartisan, non-profit organization that was created by Jon Schnur.

“America Achieves helps communities and states leverage policy, practice, and leadership to build high-quality educational systems and prepare each young person for success in careers, college, and citizenship.

Educators and communities have demonstrated that all young people are capable of achieving at much higher levels — but these pockets of excellence are not enough. That is why America Achieves supports leaders and communities who have real potential to catalyze large-scale success.

Throughout our work, we uncover, examine, and promote approaches and practices that can drive success across entire educational systems, communities, and states. We aim to address unmet needs, avoid duplication of efforts, and, wherever possible, work with partners in order to fully leverage scarce resources for maximum impact for children and young people.” (from the America Achieves website)

I was an active Fellow in the organization for 3 years. My experiences have transformed my approach to teaching. I was inspired by the other Fellows to pursue National Board Professional Teacher Standards Certification. The collaboration and support this organization provide me was profound. My leadership skills were greatly improved and expanded thanks to America Achieves. I now advocate for my students and profession with confidence and conviction.

Cohort II Graduation New Orleans, La.

Thank You Sibyll

New York City 2014

Washington, District of Columbia 2014

New York 2013


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